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Okay, here is a really dumb question: to set up our own connection pooling between multiple invocations of an app in separate JVMs, wouldn't we need some middle layer to maintain the connection pool and provide a naming service so that the app can request the connection?  This is what I had understood, which is why I was looking at app servers, which provide both.  I'm probably missing something really obvious here.  (We're using Sybase JConnect by the by, and it does indeed support connection pooling.)

As for the credentials, you're right, they do vary on an app-by-app basis (though actually not on a user-by-user basis, and there are only two sets, one for read-only apps and one with some limited write access).  I was naively thinking one would do this by just setting up two different data sources, which actually access the same database but with different credentials, but I'll have to look into that further - thanks for the heads-up!

We were hoping that by using Hibernate we could enforce the use of data transfer objects that would in some measure be independent of the underlying schema, with the mappings and read/write logic specific to the schema hidden from the client apps, so that when the schema changed all we'd have to do is alter the mappings, etc.  (Of course this is only for relatively small changes - I would assume that for any major restructuring all bets are off.)  But I don't know how realistic that idea is, having never used Hibernate (other than building the tutorial example).

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