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"Re: Trying to set ActorId in On Entry Action - work item is null"

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So when trying your suggestions:

I tried using a process variable to specify GroupId for a task. I would like to ask whether you have done this successfully; if so, I will try harder! At present it seems to fail. Note this is jBPM 5.2.

So the name of the group to which I want to associate this task is "managers". I had specified GroupId as "managers" (without quotes) in the task definition and this worked as expected.

I tried using a process variable to specify ActorId. This also clearly worked. Also I believe I found some JUnit test in the source distribution that exercises this.

So I changed the GroupId specification to "#{managersGroup}" plus I defined a process variable with this name.

To assign a value to this variable, I created a Script Node (that executes right after the process is instantiated) that assigns the value:

System.out.println("** ** ** ** ** managers: " + managersGroup + " ** ** ** ** ** ** **"); 
managersGroup = "managers";
"** ** ** ** ** managers: " + managersGroup + " ** ** ** ** ** ** **" );

I see the messages written to stdout that indicate the variable has this value assigned.

However, when a member of the managers group looks at their task list, it is empty. Setting a breakpoint, I see that when this method in TaskServiceSession is called:

**public** List<TaskSummary> getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner(**final**String userId, List<String> groupIds, **final** String language, **final** **int** firstResult, **int** maxResults)

groupIds is an empty list (or null, now I forget which).

So please just let me know if you have ever gotten this to work. If you have an example, please show how you specified GroupId.



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