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"Deploy from Eclipse to OpenShift in a breeze"

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You have two options: 
* you can publish the code changes and OpenShift will trigger a maven build on the application gear (or on jenkins if you added the jenkins client cartridge on your OpenShift application). 
* or, you can put binary files (eg: a war file) in the "./deployments" folder (at the root of your Eclipse project) and they will also be deployed. 

You may also want to skip the maven build process on openshift by removing the /src folder in the project, or edit the pom.xml file to skip the build with the openshift profile only. Then, you'd make your local build, get the output war file in the deployment folder and publish with the server adapter (in the Servers view). 

Also, did you try to build your application on jenkins on openshift ? you just need to configure the jenkins client on your application (using the wizard in the OpenShift Explorer view in JBT). You may have enough resource on a jenkins client. Besides that, you'll have less downtime on your application server and in case of build failure, your previous version of your application will still be running. Jenkins should only deploy the new application if build was successful. 


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