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HI Ouadi,
Answers inline: 

> Ouadi BEL wrote:
> Hi all jBPM users,
> I'm new in jBPM5 and workflow world, I already read the first 7 chapters in "jbpm5-developer-guide" book, but I have some concepts confused in my mind, can anyone explain me please these below questions ?
>    1.  What's the main purpose of those classes 
>         EntityManagerFactory, TaskService, TaskServiceSession ;
> EntityManagerFactory is part of JPA, Task Service is the interface that defines the methods that you can use about Handling Tasks and their lifecycle. TaskServiceSession is an internal class used to handle the access to the database and support the methods of the Human Task Service module.  
>    2.  Which Data Base used to store our specific users and groups informations ?
> You can use whatever database you want to do that. The UserGroupCallback mechanism can be configured to interact with external repositories of users and groups as well. By default, and most of the examples and test cases inside jbpm uses the same DB to store users and Groups but that can be configured. 
>    3.  Why we need to store our specific users and groups to this DB, since it's already defined in our process.bpmn file definition ?
> Most of the time you model processes for the users that you already have in your company systems, and for that reason, those users needs to exist somewhere. As I mention before, by default, when you don't provide an external repository of users and groups like LDAP, the users are stored in the DB.
>    4.  When we build our Human Task UI in order to provide an Human Task Interaction, it is necessary to run the jbpm-gwt-console-server-           5.4.0.Final-EE6.war component in Jboss server ? Or just the jars library provided by jBPM5 suffice in order to managing our workflow life      cycle without running and using jbpm-gwt-console-server-5.4.0.Final-EE6.war component ?
> Yes, you can do that without using the jbpm-gwt-console-server-           5.4.0.Final-EE6.war , you can build your own "server" 
>    5.  When we build a binary representation of our process.bpmn file definition using KnowledgeBuilder and KnowledgeBase classes, our      application  can self-managing the all workflow life cycle without running and using jbpm-gwt- console-server-5.4.0.Final-EE6.war component      in Jboss server ?
> Exactly, you can expose that Knowledge Session and run your process inside that without needing to deploy anything. 
>  Cheers,

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