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"jBPM timers and persistance"

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Do I understand correctly that currently there is no way for timers to trigger if the session they are in was not active during their scheduled activation time?

So for example, I have a process with a timer and that timer gets scheduled to activate in 3 minutes.
Suddenly my server crashes. I act quickly and get it running again in 5 minutes.
My persistent jBPM application reloads the session with the timer, but as I understand from trying it out and reading this forum this process is now broken. The timer will never fire, because at the time it was supposed to fire, the session was not active.

This behavior would be really undesired for my application scenario with long lasting persistent processes which might last even several years.
I wouldn't want to throw away such a long process, because of a small server hiccup.

Does timer escalation on a task have the same issue? I haven't tried this out yet.

If this is the case then is there an easy way to implement timer behavior myself while still using jBPM timer node and corresponding BPMN 2.0 element? (for example similar to the way I would register a WorkItemHandler for service tasks)
Otherwise it seems that I would need to implement timer as a service task, which I would like to avoid.

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