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> I guess the zero-roots CL (as you say) shares the domain of deployment's CL.
Can we somehow confirm this?

> Is that the reason why super.loadClass goes back to org.jboss.classloader.spi.base.BaseClassLoader ? 
If 1st paragraph holds, then yes.

> Is there any thing wrong in what I did ? (I am able to get the breakpoint in loadClass method, and here the parent classloader is BaseClassLoader of jboss)

>From 10.000ft atm, no. :-)

> My war has few encrypted classes (which can be decrypted only if a hardware dongle is available using the ClassLoader provided by the hardware dongle). And now since we use JBoss, the encrypted classes are not been loaded. (In tomcat it was possible to set the system classloader :  –Djava.system.class.loader in catalina.bat)
> I first tried to load then using translator (the previous post from me), but if I use translator, the plain bytecode is available in translator (after translator decrypts the encrypted class)
> So now I am trying to use this customClassLoader, and here use the ClassLoader provided the third party (the company which provides us the hardware dongle).

I don't see how translator is different from classloader.
In both cases you can see the actual bytecode.

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