[keycloak-dev] theme thought

Stian Thorgersen stian at redhat.com
Wed Feb 5 06:12:39 EST 2014

Not sure why you'd want multiple themes? 

Internationalization will be taken care of by locale specific message bundles (e.g. messages_no.properties). We could also add the option of having locale specific templates (e.g. login_no.ftl), not sure that would be needed though.

I'm not sure how correct locale is discovered either, I'm sure there's folks on the portal theme that knows this ;). We may need to add an option to pass it as a query param from the app though. With the hostname examples you've given wouldn't those be app urls rather than keycloak urls?

For example:

www.myapp.co.uk -> keycloak.org/auth/rest/realm/myrealm?client_id=...&locale=en_UK
www.myapp.no -> keycloak.org/auth/rest/realm/myrealm?client_id=...&locale=no

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> You'd probably want to support multiple concurrent themes for different
> languages (french, spanish, english, etc...).  I'm just not sure how the
> user-agent's language would be discovered.  Some do it by hostname i.e.
> www.google.es or by a URL pattern example.com/en-US/...
> Just something to think about.
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