[keycloak-dev] Distribution changes

Stian Thorgersen stian at redhat.com
Fri Apr 24 03:29:32 EDT 2015

A couple changes:

* Added standalone-keycloak.xml as this allows extracting into wildfly without overwriting existing configs
* Removed docs into separate docs dist (reduces size from 27MB to 15MB)

* Removed standalone/deployments and deployment processor

Remaining work is to do the demo bundle. Plan is to have it include WF + server-overlay + demo preloaded. Also include all examples and docs.

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> Subject: [keycloak-dev] Distribution changes
> I've pushed a fair amount of changes to the distribution:
> * Release is built with "mvn -Pjboss-release install" now as this is
> consistent with jboss-parent. Also this builds javadoc as well now, so no
> need to run those separate.
> * distribution/examples - a zip with all the examples
> * distribution/server-overlay - a zip that can be extracted into an existing
> WF 8.2.0.Final to install KC, includes docs. Currently it contains
> server*.xml all with KC enabled, but I was thinking we should just have
> standalone-keycloak.xml instead
> * distribution/server-dist - a zip with WF 8.2.0.Final + server-overlay
> * distribution/server-bundle - a bundle with server and examples zip, this
> should at some point be changed to a dl with demo preloaded onto it
> * adapter dists are moved into distribution/adapters, just to clean it up a
> bit
> * Started updating docs, but there's a bit more work to review/update it to
> make sure it matches updated dists
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