[keycloak-dev] Distribution changes

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Wed Apr 29 10:00:30 EDT 2015

Few comments to distribution:

1) server-dist doesn't have standalone/deployments and so it's supposed 
to just contain auth-server and not any applications right? In this case 
we can remove all adapter jars from it? Probably bunch of other modules 
(and maybe extensions) could be cleaned as well

2) On the other hand, demo-dist is actually based on server-dist and 
hence doesn't have standalone/deployments and deployment processor. I 
suppose this should be really fixed before we release?

3) demo-dist doesn't need to have modules keycloak-as7-adapter and 
keycloak-as7-subsystem as it's based on wildfly

4) demo-dist doesn't have security-domains with KeycloakLoginModule and 
SAML2LoginModule declared in standalone-*.xml . Just server-overlay has 
them. Since we want demo-dist to contain examples, it should have the 
security domains added IMO

5) There is no documentation about needed steps to deploy auth-server on 
EAP 6.4. Unzip server-overlay and running:

./standalone.xml -c standalone-keycloak.xml

obviously doesn't work as standalone-keycloak.xml is based on 
standalone.xml from WF 8.2. So we should have instructions what should 
be done to setup server in standalone.xml (keycloak extension, keycloak 
subsystem, KeycloakDS datasource). There are some instructions in 
documentation how to add extension and subsystem, but those are in 
"Adapters" chapter of the docs.

Instructions for manual setup of standalone-*.xml are needed also in 
case that people want to add server-overlay to the WildFly server, which 
is using clustering and hence standalone-ha.xml or 
standalone-ha-full.xml (current standalone-keycloak.xml is based only on 

With respect to comments 1-4, is it really good that demo-dist is based 
on server-dist? It looks that there will be quite major differences 
between those two.


On 24.4.2015 09:29, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
> A couple changes:
> server-overlay:
> * Added standalone-keycloak.xml as this allows extracting into wildfly without overwriting existing configs
> * Removed docs into separate docs dist (reduces size from 27MB to 15MB)
> server-dist:
> * Removed standalone/deployments and deployment processor
> Remaining work is to do the demo bundle. Plan is to have it include WF + server-overlay + demo preloaded. Also include all examples and docs.
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>> I've pushed a fair amount of changes to the distribution:
>> * Release is built with "mvn -Pjboss-release install" now as this is
>> consistent with jboss-parent. Also this builds javadoc as well now, so no
>> need to run those separate.
>> * distribution/examples - a zip with all the examples
>> * distribution/server-overlay - a zip that can be extracted into an existing
>> WF 8.2.0.Final to install KC, includes docs. Currently it contains
>> server*.xml all with KC enabled, but I was thinking we should just have
>> standalone-keycloak.xml instead
>> * distribution/server-dist - a zip with WF 8.2.0.Final + server-overlay
>> * distribution/server-bundle - a bundle with server and examples zip, this
>> should at some point be changed to a dl with demo preloaded onto it
>> * adapter dists are moved into distribution/adapters, just to clean it up a
>> bit
>> * Started updating docs, but there's a bit more work to review/update it to
>> make sure it matches updated dists
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