[keycloak-dev] Topic 10: Edit: Securing wars via keycloak subsystem

Lars Frauenrath lars.frauenrath at traveltainment.de
Mon Jul 27 09:25:19 EDT 2015


I could resolve a part of my problem and can access the admin console now but have no access to the application.

At the moment I get 2 different errors.

1.       404 - Not found

2.       403 - Forbidden (this occurred when I add "




to my web.xml file)

These errors occurred when I want to login to my application. But, before the login page loads the error occurres, so I hadn't the chance to login anyway.

I configured the following things:

1.       Unziped keycloak-overlay-1.2.0.Final in Wildfly directory

2.       Added keycloak extension to wildfly 8

3.       Added security-domain to security subsystem

4.       Added the keycloak subsystem:
    <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:keycloak:1.0">

            <secure-deployment name="TOMAMappingConfigurationService.war">








                <credential name="secret">password</credential>


5.       Added security roles and security-constraints to web.xml of my application

6.       Added realm, application, roles, users and user-role-mapping within the keycloak administration console

7.       Deploy application + keycloak-ds.xml + auth-server.war to the wildfly 8

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards,
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