[keycloak-dev] Supporting date/time of consent in the model

Geir Ole Hiåsen Stevning gostevning at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 04:42:11 EDT 2016


We have a use case where we need to know the time for when an End-User has
given consent. Would it be possible to add a Date-like field in either
UserConsentProtocolMapperEntity, UserConsentRoleEntity or
UserConsentEntity, as we are using the JPA provider.

Furthermore, propagate this field in the corresponding DTO-like objects as
UserConsentModel etc. Doing this will probably mean that additional
providers will need to populate the field, i.e. mongo.

Is this something that you guys think is a good idea? I would be able to
create a PR if you would like that.

Geir Ole H. Stevning
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