[keycloak-dev] Ideas for the JavaOne's KeyCloak Hackengarten

Sebastien Blanc sblanc at redhat.com
Fri Sep 16 04:24:51 EDT 2016

Hi !

Next week I will be at JavaOne, during the week I will have the privilege
to lead for an afternoon the hackergarten area. For sure, I would like to
bring up the KeyCloak project (along with Forge and maybe Swarm).
For those who don't know what an hackergarten is : http://hackergarten.net/

So, do we have any JIRAs, docs , tests missing that would fit for a 3 hours
hacker session ?

My own ideas :
- Work on the Keycloak Forge Addon : Create Clients from Forge etc ...
- Start exploring a Keycloak Go Adapter
- Polish Java Adapter Documentation

I wait for your ideas !

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