[keycloak-dev] Keycoak- SQL server partnership

abhishek raghav abhi.raghav007 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 04:12:10 EST 2017


As you all know, Keycloak is saying that they wont support mongo as it
lacks transactional support.
Hence I was thinking of using SQL server as a potential candidate.

Few queries which I have as below:

1. We am envisioning an environment where we will have a lot of keycloak
instances. Each keycloak instance will require its own database. The way we
do it right now, is that we just bring up a new keycloak instance on DCOS
and then specific a new database name resident on the database host and
then the instance comes up. We are not sure whether we can do this with SQL
server much the same way.

2. Not sure what performance characteristics we will get into with a remote
SQL Server..?

3. These are linux based container instances that we are setting up for
Mixing deployment architectures between DCOS containers vs traditional
scaling architectures for databases, can it a issue.?

Is there anyone here using SQL server as their backend in keycloak. Did
anyone face any bad experiences while using SQL server with Keyclak.?

Any suggestions for the same are most welcome.

*- Best Regards*
   Abhishek Raghav

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