[keycloak-dev] New Account Management Console and Account REST api

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Fri Mar 17 05:47:39 EDT 2017

As we've discussed a few times now the plan is to do a brand new account
management console. Instead of old school forms it will be all modern using
HTML5, AngularJS and REST endpoints.

The JIRA for this work is:

We where hoping to get some help from the professional UXP folks for this,
but it looks like that may take some time. In the mean time the plan is to
base it on the following template:


Also, we'll try to use some newer things from PatternFly patterns to
improve the screens.

First pass will have the same functionality and behavior as the old account
management console. Second pass will be to improve the usability (pages
like linking, sessions and history are not very nice).

We will deprecate the old FreeMarker/forms way of doing things, but keep it
around so it doesn't break what people are already doing. This can be
removed in the future (probably RHSSO 8.0?).

We'll also need to provide full rest endpoints for the account management
console. I'll work on that, while Stan works on the UI.

As the account management console will be a pure HTML5 and JS app anyone
can completely replace it with a theme. They can also customize it a lot.
We'll also need to make sure it's easy to add additional pages/sections.

Rather than just add to AccountService I'm going to rename that
to DeprecatedAccountFormService remove all REST from there and add a new
AccountService that only does REST. All features available through forms at
the moment will be available as REST API, with the exception of account
linking which will be done through Bills work that was introduced in 3.0
that allows applications to initiate the account linking.

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