[keycloak-dev] PRs for 7.2 and Keycloak 4.x

Stian Thorgersen sthorger at redhat.com
Wed Jan 10 06:45:00 EST 2018

Keycloak, Node.js and documentation are all forked for 7.2. It's to late to
update code now unless it's a blocker for the release. In that case let me
know asap. For documentation we can update, but that means PR to master and
7.2.x branch in private repo. Any docs changes to 7.2 has to be approved by
Matthew and Pavel prior to merging.

Master (except quickstarts, see below) is open for 4.x development. One
thing to note here is that we have now started the review process so all
PRs have to be reviewed. The general rule one jira, one commit and one PR
applies. Also, only complete work including test and docs should be

For quickstarts master is still aiming 7.2. So send changes to master. If
it's only for 4.x hold off for now! Same rule applies any changes to
quickstarts now need approval of me and Pavel before merging.

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