[keycloak-dev] Returning "attempted" status inside alternative sub-flow

Michael Olney Michael.Olney at iress.com.au
Thu Jan 11 01:52:34 EST 2018


I have two sub-flows set up as follows:

  Subflow 1 - Alternative
      Execution 1 - Required
  Subflow 2 - Alternative
      Execution 2 - Required

Execution 1 is runs a custom authenticator that does the following:

  1.  Issues a challenge
  2.  Returns ATTEMPTED status

The resulting behaviour is that the whole flow fails. I was expecting a jump to Subflow 2, which is what happens if the authenticator returns ATTEMPTED without first issuing a challenge. Is this a bug? I thought that perhaps REQUIRED might apply to the whole flow rather than to a particular sub-flow, but I couldn't find an explicit clarification in the documentation. However, this scenario was mentioned in passing on this list before:


The behaviour seems to originate in `org.keycloak.authentication.DefaultAuthenticationFlow.processResult`.

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