[keycloak-dev] Ignoring self signed cert errors while developing

Aiden Keating akeating at redhat.com
Sun Jan 14 15:59:22 EST 2018


I am configuring an OpenShift v3 identity provider on Keycloak using an
Ansible playbook. I have created the identity provider successfully.

After filling in my OpenShift username and password I see an "Unexpected
error when authenticating with identity provider" error from Keycloak. This
is due to the self signed certificates of the OpenShift development cluster
I am using (using oc cluster up).

I am looking for an option to ignore these errors when in a development

I have read about the 'disable-trust-manager' option, from what I
understand this can be set in development environments to avoid these
errors. However, I am not fully clear on how to use it and how to configure
it. Can this option be set using the REST API?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Aiden Keating

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