[keycloak-dev] Release cadence

Stan Silvert ssilvert at redhat.com
Thu Jan 25 17:01:00 EST 2018

My Agile is extremely outdated, but I used to be very well versed in the 
ways of XP, the granddaddy of Agile.  So if anything I say is outdated 
Agile thinking, let me know.

Our build should be ready for release at any time.  I think that's still 
an Agile principle?

By definition, we should release at the end of each sprint. Otherwise, 
you are really doing a 6 week sprint instead of 3.

The reason we release is to get feedback.  So a sprint should only 
contain something that is useful and complete.  And by complete, I mean 
it does something useful (circular logic, I know).  If it's not ready to 
do something useful, you don't merge it.  Just save it for the next sprint.

But if you do a "pretend" sprint and then do a "release" sprint, you are 
really just doing a longer sprint with double the planning.  Any 
developer will start to think in terms of things that can be completed 
in 6 weeks instead of 3.  Plus, you have a delay in getting feedback.

I personally don't care if we do 3 week sprints or 6 week sprints.  But 
we shouldn't do a sprint without a release.

BTW, open source methodology just says "release early and release 
often".  Same concept, really.

One more thing: Next week I'm attending a talk about how LinkedIn 
releases to production three times a day.  Now that's extreme!

On 1/25/2018 2:11 PM, Stian Thorgersen wrote:
> Up until now we've released Keycloak roughly every 6 weeks. We're now
> switching to 3 week sprints, which opens up the possibility to change how
> frequently we release Keycloak.
> We could keep it at 6 weeks (release every other sprint), do a release
> every 3 weeks or release less frequently (9 weeks perhaps).
> Thoughts?
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