[keycloak-user] LDAP Synch All Users Question

Patrick V. Madden pmadden at tomsawyer.com
Tue Nov 4 08:50:20 EST 2014

I am running a local 1.0.4.Final build on my local machine to do some testing. 

I have a quick question regarding an Active Directory Realm that I am trying to configure. I am able to successfully test the connection and test authentication using Bind DN and Bind Credential and Connection URL. 

I can connect via an external LDAP browser using same credential and browse the directory. 

When I click Synchronize all users button it says it is successful. However, when I go back to search page I get nothing when I enter a username. When I click show all users it shows nothing. I was hoping it would show me a list of all users in the search tree based on my settings. 

Lets assume my company is Acme. When I look at browser it shows: 

+---CN=John Doe 
---CN=Jane Doe 
---CN=Joe Blow 

I want the users to be in OU=acmeUsers,DC=acme,DC=com 

So what would I put in for Base DN and User DN Suffix to get it to show a list of all users in the directory? 

Or does it only show users that have logged into the Realm via a web app? 

Hope this makes sense. 


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