[keycloak-user] Error on application log in

Fabián Silva afsg77 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 19:31:37 EST 2014

I have a keycloak installed on wildfly standalone. I'm trying to deploy an
application, that use this keycloak, on a separate server with wilflly
running on domain mode. I tried first to deploy on a domain out of the box
on my local machine, setting the keycloak-wildfly-adapter-dist-1.0.4.Final.
It deploys fine and does the authentication without any issues. When I try
to migrate it to the server running my wilfly (also in domain mode and the
keycloak adapter set), it deploys fine and shows the keycloak login once
you enter the application. But the problem is that when you login it
displays a "403 - Forbidden" and on the log I'm seeing
ERROR [org.keycloak.adapters.OAuthRequestAuthenticator] (default task-6)
failed to turn code into token
ERROR [org.keycloak.adapters.OAuthRequestAuthenticator] (default task-6)
status from server: 404
The only difference between those two wildfly domain mode is that in the
local I don't have the the SSL/HTTPS enabled.

Have anyone seen this error? or have an idea of what this could be?

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