[keycloak-user] Which action hook should I use to run Keycloak import on Openshift?

Christina Lau christinalau28 at icloud.com
Tue Nov 25 08:58:54 EST 2014

Hi, I am trying to import realm into my Openshift Keycloak. I can import successfully in my build action hook, but something is quite strange. Because I am running ./standalone.sh to start the server, the openshift ssh window is sitting in a strange state where it cannot carry on to finish the rest of its life cycle.

$OPENSHIFT_HOMEDIR/wildfly/bin/standalone.sh -Dkeycloak.migration.action=import -Dkeycloak.migration.provider=singleFile -Dkeycloak.migration.file=$OPENSHIFT_HOMEDIR/app-root/repo/src/dsgapi.json -Dkeycloak.migration.strategy=OVERWRITE_EXISTING

I think I am doing something wrong. Can you tell me how I should do this? I like to create a Keycloak on Openshift using the Keycloak cartridge and then automatically populate its realm. Should I kill the startup in the action hook? It seems a little strange.

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