[keycloak-user] 405 method not allowed

Juan Diego juandiego83 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 19:52:08 EDT 2015


I get the following error
POST http://localhost:8080/unika/usuarios/login 405 (Method Not Allowed)

I think I did this right, after tinkering with my config for a while I
added  unika.localdomain as a web origin. (unika.localdomain is set on my
I also added to both keycloak.json files, backend and front end.

"enable-cors" : true,

I dont know if this is neccesary-

If I disable the security in my web.xml of the backend I can access
POST  http://localhost:8080/unika/usuarios/login with no problems.

So I know it has something to do with keycloak.  Is there anything
else I have to do allow CORS.

Before enabling keycloak, i added corsfilter to my resteasy app in the
backend, so it was working.  Is this redundant? Does this causes
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