[keycloak-user] Maximum number of clients (applications) in a realm

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Tue Jun 30 07:44:11 EDT 2015

How much clients you have in mind?

Theoretically there is no any limit. At least at database level. Fact is 
that we didn't try to test admin console UI with very big number of 
clients. Feel free to create JIRA if you're seeing issues.

Another approach is to design your deployment so the number of clients 
is not too big. For example when adding new "machine" you can reuse 
already created clients (not sure if it's the approach which works for 
you, just a possible hint...)


On 30.6.2015 09:50, Orestis Tsakiridis wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there a limit in the maximum number of clients/applications in 
> single realm supported by keycloak?
> I can see that the keycloak admin UI is not built with a big number in 
> mind. For instance, when assigning "Client roles" to a realm user 
> there is a dropdown with all clients/applications in the realm. I 
> guess this shouldn't grow too big to be usuable.
> I'm working on a scenario where i need to implement authorization in a 
> system where new machines (and their respective keycloak applications) 
> will be added on the fly. So i'm worying about what will happen if the 
> number starts to grow.
> Thanks
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