[keycloak-user] Brute force protector and service accounts/Login actions URI

Benjamin Hansmann [alphaApps] b.hansmann at alphaapps.de
Wed Oct 21 08:21:02 EDT 2015


great to see rapid progress on keycloak and regular releases with new
features added.

I am on Keycloak 1.4.0 and have two questions regarding 2 recently added

- The service accounts introduced in 1.5.0 and the possibility to
autenticate them with certificates in 1.6.0 is a great feature. I am
asking myself if these will be excluded from the brute force protection
mechanism. I would like to use a service account in my app when a user
is not logged in (which is now just a regular account). If this account
will be subject to get locked out after a few consecutive failed login
attempts, all users will not be able to use the features which do not
require an active user session but rely on the service account. So
someone could deliberately lock the service account.

- I was having trouble with keycloak-services
(Urls.java:loginActionsBase): I have a rest web service which also acts
as a keycloak facade for registration, reset password, resend
verification email etc... From within my web service I use the keycloak
admin-client to e.g. trigger a reset-password-email or registration. The
problem was that emails sent by keycloak then contained links referring
to localhost:8080 because my web service contacts keycloak locally on
the server. I worked around this issue by patching the loginActionsBase
methdo in Urls.java to replace hostname, scheme and port of the returned
URI. This seemed ugly to me and I am asking if the feature "Added root
URL to clients" in the just released 1.6.0 version makes this workaround

Best regards,

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