[keycloak-user] Accessing authenticated user's details

Tim Dudgeon tdudgeon.ml at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 07:17:24 EDT 2015

So if I understand correctly the only way to handle multiple attributes 
of the user (e.g name and email) is to use the Keycloak IDToken approach 
and so be dependent on the Keycloak implementation (or create my own API 
that wraps this)?


On 26/10/2015 09:24, Marek Posolda wrote:
> If you don't want Keycloak dependencies, you can use 
> request.getRemoteUser() or request.getPrincipal().getName() to access 
> just the userId of authenticated user. If you use 
> "principal-attribute" in keycloak.json, it will return the configured 
> attribute instead of userId, so you can receive for example username 
> or email instead. But that way, you will be able to access just this 
> single attribute.
> Marek
> On 26/10/15 09:52, Tim Dudgeon wrote:
>> Wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this?
>> On 21/10/2015 12:04, Tim Dudgeon wrote:
>>> In the case of a web application (e.g. Tomcat app secured by the 
>>> keycloak adapter) the web app might need to access details of the 
>>> authenticated user (e.g. full name or email).
>>> I've found that this information is available from the session like 
>>> this:
>>> KeycloakSecurityContext session = 
>>> (KeycloakSecurityContext)request.getAttribute(KeycloakSecurityContext.class.getName());
>>> IDToken idToken = session.getIdToken();
>>> String email = idToken.getEmail();
>>> One issue with this is that all your web apps are tied to keycloak.
>>> Is this the right way to handle this?
>>> Are there alternatives?
>>> Tim
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