[keycloak-user] Not using keycloak in development

Martijn Claus m.claus at smile.nl
Tue Mar 15 10:56:32 EDT 2016


I've been setting up Keycloak and liking it thus far. We are using it in an angular / Spring / REST context. For development there are cases where I don't want to run the Keycloak application (war) but only my own application. I assume this is a valid usecase. But if I turn the Keycloak off, the angular frontend will redirect me to an offline url and the application fails. I will not have a token and the backend will rightfully throw back some AccessDeniedExceptions. Is there a way to use some kind of (magic/permanent/development) token that will be accepted by the backend  and the Keycloak application will never have to be contacted? Or is there some other feature that my backend spring keycloak adapter will accept anything and work with a default user?

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