[keycloak-user] Arquillian Remote Container / Secured Webroot

Lauer Markus Markus.Lauer at co-met.info
Wed Mar 23 05:21:48 EDT 2016


This problem is not really Keycloak-specific, but maybe someone else
using Keycloak stumbled over this:

A WAR deployment with context-root "/" has a security-constraint as


Each access to application should be restricted.

Now Arquillian deploys it's testing deployment also to the same webroot
and as a result the tests can not be run. (Can not handle redirect to
Keycloak server.)

Error launching test at Got 302 (Found)

I do not want to blacklist all application paths/resources separately
(so that access to arquillian's UUID-named deployment would be
possible), because I'm afraid to forget one path.

Solution could be s/th like get a token via direct access grant and
inject it somehow into arquillian's requests...

How do you handle this?




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