[keycloak-user] Need help for using KC REST API and service account

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Wed Mar 30 09:09:26 EDT 2016

On 27/03/16 20:38, Hristo Stoyanov wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to apply KC for:
> 1. Authentication. So far KC works well and as expected!
> 2. Change the authenticated user roles as part of the application 
> logic- based on external credit card registration (by an external 
> credit card processor) and paid plan selection by the user, the web 
> app need to  move the authenticated user from "free" role to "premium" 
> realm role, which correspond to the paid plan s/he selected.
> Is there an example of how to use KC APIs to change the user's role 
> from within the app? I could not find anything specific in the 
> examples or documentation, but I see some things that go in that 
> direction:
> A.
> It seems like I have to use the Admin REST API somehow, but I am not 
> sure which rest calls from the vast REST APIs I need to use? Is it 
> "Add realm-level role mappings to the user" and "Delete realm-level 
> role mappings"? What is "id" param then? Is this the "user id"? Can 
> you please categorize the REST APIs in groups - "user management", 
> "role CRUDs", etc., to make it easier to navigate?
> There  seems to be an example "admin-access-app", but it is not clear 
> where it gets the app username/password. Are they just hard-coded 
> "username" and "password"? In the case of Wildfly adapter, the client 
> secret is configured inside the standalone.xml configuration file,
> so _I expect to not have to configure it or read it from file 
> configurations_, but the container should provide it/inject it for me? 
> Is this correct assumption? Any example wildfly code?
As mentioned in other email, we have admin-client, which provides 
calling of REST endpoints as java methods and we have also example for it.
> B.
> It seems like i also need to use a service account 
> <http://blog.keycloak.org/2015/08/service-accounts-support-in-keycloak.html>, so 
> that the app can change user roles behind the scene on its own? 
> Correct? This blog post 
> <http://blog.keycloak.org/2015/08/service-accounts-support-in-keycloak.html>seems 
> obsolete as there is no more "Service accounts enabled" switch I could 
> find. I figured, one need to switch to "confidential" access type 
> instead. Is this correct? Unfortunately, the corresponding example, 
> "Service Account Example" does not show how one should proceed when 
> the client secret is configured in the Wildfly's  standalone.xml file 
> and the developer is not expected to parse configuration files (either 
> embedded in the WAR or elsewhere). Any example of how to get 
> configured objects? I tried to get some clue from the 
> *KeycloakDeploymentBuilderTest.java* file, but it is not clear how one 
> can get *KeycloakDeployment* injected by the container rather than 
> paring it from files. Any clue?
Feel free to create JIRA for the service account documentation and 
example update. But actually you don't need service account for call 
admin REST endpoints (even the admin-client currently doesn't support 
service accounts, which we should improve. See the other mail I sent to 
you earlier today). You need to create admin user account and call admin 
operations with admin client through this account. It's using "Direct 
access grants" rather than service accounts.

> Thank you for the grate product! And thank you for any guidance you 
> can provide - that would save me a lot of time and questions!
> /Hristo
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