[keycloak-user] Getting a user's CredentialRepresentation via the REST API

Firoz Ahamed firozpalapra at outlook.com
Thu Feb 21 12:48:11 EST 2019


I believe the credentials are stored one way hashed in the keycloak DB and cannot be decrypted.

Are you trying to get the hashed credential ? I believe the user representation does not return this in the GET calls.



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I've been looking to get a user's CredentialRepresentation(s) via the REST API but it doesn't seem possible. Getting the UserRepresentation doesn't get the user's credentials and I haven't found another function (this is with Keycloak 4.8.3.Final).

Am I missing something? Or if not is this a bug (credentials should be sent with the UserRepresentation) or a design decision (sending credentials over the REST API would be a security flaw).

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Alistair Doswald
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