[seam-dev] User Management in seam-gen

Norman Richards orb at nostacktrace.com
Fri Apr 18 16:25:14 EDT 2008

On Apr 18, 2008, at 3:05 PM, Dan Allen wrote:

> I'm concerned that we have documented something that is not actually
> part of Seam yet. According to this section of the documentation:
> http://docs.jboss.com/seam/2.0.2.CR1/reference/en-US/html/security.html#d0e9446
> ...there is a user management screen in seam-gen. However, I have yet
> to see this screen when I use seam-gen and I am guessing that unless I
> am missing something, it's because it doesn't exist. I think this
> would be a great feature, but we need to make sure that it is deliver
> if we say it is there.

I thought all that user management stuff was just for 2.1.

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