[seam-dev] important RichFaces issue

Dan Allen dan.j.allen at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 16:18:19 EDT 2008

I feel that the following RichFaces issue is important to the
perception of Seam's performance (although obviously Seam should not
be judged on the basis of RichFaces, but people still perceive it that


To give a brief summary, use seam-gen to create a RichFaces-based
application, click to edit an entity, change a field, then look at the
response in FireBug. You will see that the Ajax response is
ridiculously large due to the fact that RichFaces/Ajax4jsf is
incorrectly sending the entire <head> tag each time. This is faulty
behavior and really takes away a lot of the Ajax value when
considering bandwidth. The fix is stupidly easy.


Dan Allen
Software consultant | Author of Seam in Action


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