[seam-dev] Re: Seam docs in 2.0 branch

Pete Muir pete.muir at jboss.org
Mon Mar 24 15:10:22 EDT 2008

On 20 Mar 2008, at 12:52, Pete Muir wrote:

> On 19/03/2008, Pete Muir <pmuir at bleepbleep.org.uk> wrote:
>>  TODO:
>>  * All the maven plugins need to be releases (they are all snapshot
>>  currently), and I'll work with Mark on that over the next few days.
>>  * The "callouts" are overflowing in the PDF version
> I fixed this by removing the <example> tag which caused the problem

And, in further exciting news, I fixed this on Thursday before I went  
away for the weekend ;-)

Pete Muir

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