[seam-dev] Accessing stylesheets from action

Nicklas Karlsson nickarls at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 16:44:14 EDT 2008


  I'm looking at JBSEAM-3411, trying to be able to use external css
references when exporting dataTables to Excel. Can you think of any
way of accessing the stylesheets from an action method?

  * I don't think I can access them from the ViewRoot or anywhere in
through FacesContext(?)
  * Filters are in the wrong place, no response yet(?)
  * Is there any Facelets magic that can be applied?
  * Phaselistener?
  * Parsing the request in order to determine xhtml document used and
then reading the file directly as a resource
    sounds like a long shot...

PS. What is the practise when fixing bugs you discover yourself -
should you open and close a JIRA for it anyway in order to get a
reference in some changelog?


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