[seam-dev] Re: Seam 2.1.0.CR1 release

Pete Muir pete.muir at jboss.org
Wed Sep 24 07:19:52 EDT 2008

As we have got through all the issues (or slipped them to a future  
release) we will code freeze later today. This is your last chance to  
get features or API changes into Seam 2.1.0, so shout loudly now if  
you still have something to get in!

I'll send another mail to announce the code freeze.

On 16 Sep 2008, at 03:11, Shane Bryzak wrote:

> All of the issues that were unassigned have now either been assigned  
> or slipped to "The future".  If I've assigned you an issue and you  
> won't have time to look at it before the release, please slip it  
> accordingly.
> Pete Muir wrote:
>> All,
>> I would like to have a code freeze for Seam 2.1.0.CR1 Wednesday  
>> 24th September. As usual, all issues marked Critical or Blocker  
>> should be completed before this code freeze takes effect, so if you  
>> have an issue you think must get in, make sure it is marked  
>> Critical or Blocker. Please also review the issues assigned to you.  
>> If they are critical, and you won't get them done in time, please  
>> unassign them, otherwise please adjust their fix version accordingly.
>> Christian: 2 exception handling issues
>> Dan: 3 seam-gen issues, 2 other bugs, 2 feature requests
>> Jay: 3 interop issues, 1 docs issue
>> Judy: 3 icefaces issues
>> Max: 1 JBDS / .exploded builder issue
>> Mike: 1 Spring issue
>> Norman: 2 URL rewrite issues
>> Pete: 2 wicket issues, 1 messages formatting issue, 3 deployment  
>> issues, 1 passivation issue (3 critical issues)
>> Shane: 4 examples issues, 2 natural conversations issues, 2 other  
>> (2 critical issues)
>> Unassigned: 26 issues (1 critical)
>> Shane has been working though the unassigned issues, working out  
>> whether they are critical or not. Shane, how is this going? Can you  
>> mark any that should block the release as critical, and slip the  
>> rest to "The future".
>> Thanks!
>> Pete
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