[seam-dev] Seam 3 examples release cycle

Shane Bryzak sbryzak at redhat.com
Tue Nov 24 12:00:40 EST 2009

I can foresee a potential issue with the release cycle for examples, 
especially if we go down the path that we discussed during the meeting 
where we consolidate examples into more complex apps that demonstrate 
multiple Seam features.  For example, let's say that we release a 
production version of Seam 3.0.0 that contains (among other things):

Seam Security 3.0.0
Seam examples 3.0.0

Now let's say I add some new feature into security and decide to do a 
release of Seam Security 3.0.1.  If I have accordingly updated the 
security examples with the new feature, does that mean that I need to do 
a simultaneous release of Seam examples 3.0.1?  Also, what if other 
sub-project leads have in the meantime added new features to their 
modules and their examples are in an incomplete state?  As you can see 
this becomes a problem.

One possible solution is to remove the examples branch altogether and 
include the examples within the related module instead.  This prevents 
us though from creating multi-feature examples, as they will be bound to 
the sub-project lifecycle.   One other option is to only release 
examples during a major Seam release, however this is less desirable in 
the case where we release a module with complex new features that really 
need to be demonstrated.

IMHO out of these two options the first one seems the lesser of two 
evils, however I'm wondering what you guys think.

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