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Linus Torvalds: "If you like using CVS, you should be in a mental
institution, somewhere else."

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he likes bitkeeper (commercial) and doesn't like SVN.

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> +1 vote for Git
> I've seen a lot of Git momentum locally.
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> Hi!
> While both hg and Git provide pretty the same functionality, there is a
> huge difference in the supported tooling set.
> .) maven will (most probably) move to Git. Most of maven folks already use
> Git internally.
> .) there is a native Java Git client called JGit. There will be a jgit
> provider for maven in the not too distant future. Thus we don't need to care
> about OS issues!
> .) hg is written in Python. Windows users will need to install Python. For
> git you don't have to install anything. The JGit jar will simply be a
> dependency of maven-scm.
> .) There are native plugins for Eclipse (written by Shawn Spearce),
> NetBeans (written by Jonas Fonesca) and Idea (provided by Intellij).
> And the main reason for my personally: Im an old bearded Unix guy :)
> Btw, there is also a migration scenario from SVN to Git. It is even
> possible to let Git play being a SVN server, so you can access a Git repo
> with a SVN client.
> LieGrue,
> strub
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