[seam-dev] Transition to Seam Solder

Shane Bryzak sbryzak at redhat.com
Tue Dec 14 17:00:46 EST 2010

As most of you know, the Weld Extensions project has been moved under 
the Seam umbrella in the form of Seam Solder.  We are currently 
addressing the few remaining Seam Solder issues from JIRA and then 
hopefully will have a release out in the next few days.  This has an 
important implication for the other Seam modules - once Solder is 
released, we need to update each module accordingly to use Seam Solder 
(instead of WeldX) and release a new version of that module.  This step 
should happen quite quickly, as the implications of pulling in both 
Solder and WeldX into the same Seam application are unknown (but 
possibly bad).

The goal is currently to have the Solder release out on Friday/Saturday 
this week.  If we successfully get this release out at this time, then 
module leads should update their module as soon as possible and prepare 
it for release.  If you need help with your module (or will be 
unavailable - it is the holiday season after all) please let us know on 
seam-dev and we will make sure that someone else can help out.

I think this should be a pretty straight forward operation, but of 
course if there are any questions or concerns, please bring them up.


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