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Sun Dec 21 15:37:04 EST 2008

Author: pete.muir at jboss.org
Date: 2008-12-21 15:37:04 -0500 (Sun, 21 Dec 2008)
New Revision: 653

fix examples readme to point at the reference guide

Modified: ri/trunk/examples/readme.txt
--- ri/trunk/examples/readme.txt	2008-12-21 13:07:06 UTC (rev 652)
+++ ri/trunk/examples/readme.txt	2008-12-21 20:37:04 UTC (rev 653)
@@ -1,16 +1,6 @@
 The Web Beans RI currently comes with a two examples, webbeans-numberguess (a 
-war example) and webbeans-translator (an EJB example).
+war example) and webbeans-translator (an EJB example). Before running the 
+examples, you'll need to ensure your server supports Web Beans.
-To run the example on JBoss AS 5.0.0.GA, you need to add the Web Beans RI 
-deployer to JBoss 5. First, set the path to JBoss 5 in ../build.properties.
-Make sure you have the ANT_HOME environment variable set, and pointing to your
-ant install. Then, run ant -f ../build.xml install-jboss5 in the examples 
-To deploy the example to JBoss AS 5, change into numberguess directory and 
-choose between:
-* ant restart / ant explode - deploy the example in exploded format
-* ant deploy - deploy the example in compressed jar format
-* ant undeploy - remove the example from the server
-* ant clean - clean the example
+The examples and RI are explained in detail in the reference guide, including
+how to add Web Beans support to JBoss 5.

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