[wildfly-dev] "It's The Final Countdown!"

Jason Greene jason.greene at redhat.com
Tue Jan 21 14:00:22 EST 2014

No this isn’t the Europe song (Sorry to disappoint!).

It is however the countdown to WildFly 8 Final release!

The key things that remain are:

1) Final Components - We need PRs upgrading to “Final” for all outstanding 
subcomponents[1]. If you own one of them, then please make this a high priority. 
The sooner the better.

2) Identify Blockers - We need to identify all remaining blockers that have been
reported against CR1. I’m hoping everyone can look through the forms for likely
blockers and convert them to JIRAs. As a reminder a blocker is anything that is 
mass user effecting and severe in nature. Examples include: hangs, crashes, 
memory leaks, vulnerabilities, and data corruption.

3) JASPIC Acceptance - A few of you on this list have noted issues. We need to 
ensure that the Final release has addressed the outstanding issues.


[1] Outstanding components.

io.undertow 1.0.0.Beta30
io.undertow.jastow 1.0.0.CR1
org.glassfish.javax.el 3.0-b07
org.hibernate.search 4.5.0.Alpha2 *exception*
org.infinispan.protostream 1.0.0.CR1
org.jberet 1.0.0.CR1
org.jboss.ejb-client 2.0.0.Beta5
org.jboss.narayana 5.0.0.CR2
org.jboss.jsfunit 2.0.0.Beta1
org.jboss.logging.jboss-logging-tools 1.2.0.Beta1
org.jboss.metadata 8.0.0.CR1
org.jboss.mod_cluster 1.3.0.Alpha1
org.jboss.msc.jboss-msc 1.2.0.CR1
org.jboss.xnio.netty.netty-xnio-transport 0.1.1.CR2
org.jboss.remote-naming 2.0.0.Beta2
org.jboss.remoting 4.0.0.Beta3
org.jboss.remotingjmx.remoting-jmx 2.0.0.CR4
org.jboss.sasl 1.0.4.CR1
org.jboss.spec.javax.el.jboss-el-api_3.0_spec 1.0.0.Beta1
org.jboss.spec.javax.security.auth.message.jboss-jaspi-api_1.1_spec 1.0.0.Alpha1
org.jboss.spec.javax.security.jacc.jboss-jacc-api_1.5_spec 1.0.0.Beta1
org.jboss.spec.javax.servlet.jsp.jboss-jsp-api_2.3_spec 1.0.0.Beta1
org.jboss.spec.javax.servlet.jstl.jboss-jstl-api_1.2_spec 1.0.4.Beta1
org.jboss.xnio 3.2.0.Beta4
org.picketbox 4.0.20.Beta4
org.wildfly.security.manager 1.0.0.Beta3

Jason T. Greene
WildFly Lead / JBoss EAP Platform Architect
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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