[keycloak-dev] [async] Why is async jaxrs being used?

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Sat Apr 1 11:33:17 EDT 2017

I say this because I'm trying to run the policy evaluator within the IDE 
within the arquillian testsuite and it is failing.  We have regular 
non-async servlet filters in Keycloak.  Undertow now checks to see if 
there are any non-async servlet filters and won't allow async http.

On 4/1/17 11:15 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
> I don't understand why async-http support for JAXRS is being used for 
> Authz requests.  Async HTTP is only useful when you want to limit the 
> amount of long running requests or you have an operation that may 
> block for some time.  Do you want to limit the number of authz 
> requests that can happen at one time?  Or, do you have an operation 
> that may block?  Otherwise I don't see the point of using async HTTP.  
> It complicates the code.
> Looking at your ScheduledPermissionEvaluator you aren't even using the 
> Executor that is passed into the constructor so its all happening in 
> the same thread anyways.
> Bill

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