[keycloak-user] Commercial/Enterprise/Stable support

Jorge Solórzano jorsol at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 15:49:19 EDT 2015

Hi Keycloak community...

Keycloak looks as a really promising project, but what it worry me, is
that as a community project, it takes a ultra-fast development cycle.
>From a commercial stand point, it feels that it never finish to
stabilize, if for example I implement in production the version 1.5
and found a bug, it will be fixed until 1.6 is released with probably
more new features and changes in database schema wich can introduce
more bugs...

How can be handled an enviroment that need a more slow but stable
approach, will there be a a "JBoss Keycloak EAP"?, what are the
chances that the project is discontinued (somewhat like Picketlink)?
Is this project apropiate for "Enterprise" use?


Jorge Solórzano

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