[hibernate-dev] [OGM] Validating our artifacts don't rely on JBoss-only dependencies

Davide D'Alto daltodavide at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 07:29:45 EST 2018

Not sure about it, those are specific integration tests for infinispan remote.
The integrationtest folder is more to test the hibernate-ogm-modules
and have some
checks that the dialects work with WildFly really.

> after all, since they need a running Infinispan server
to work.

All the tests in Hibernat OGM are basically integration tests, except
for embedded databases
they need a remote db to work.

In fact, I think it was a mistake to put them in the maven test phase.
They should be in the integration-test one.

Can't we keep them in the same module but in a different profile
disabled by default?
Actually, it should already skip them with the option skipITs.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:07 AM, Yoann Rodiere <yoann at hibernate.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> TL;DR: can I move hibernate-ogm-infinispan-remote tests to the
> integrationtest module, since they are actually integration tests?
> During one of our previous IRC meetings, I mentioned that we did some
> changes in the Hibernate Search POMs to remove the need for custom settings
> when building. The idea was to hard-code the JBoss repositories in the POMs
> of modules that need them, so that other modules would be built using Maven
> Central only. This way, we would make sure our modules only rely on
> dependencies that are available in Maven Central, not some obscure
> artifacts only available in the JBoss Maven repository.
> I am trying to do the same in OGM, but there is one problem: for this to be
> possible at all, integration tests that do require those exotic
> dependencies need to be in a separate Maven module.
> It turns out some tests implemented in the infinispan-remote module require
> to spin up an Infinispan server, which does have exotic dependencies (it's
> basically a WildFly server, if I understood correctly).
> Thus, in order to remove the need for custom settings when building, I
> would need to move those tests to the integrationtest module. They are
> integration tests, after all, since they need a running Infinispan server
> to work.
> Would anyone object to that?
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