[infinispan-dev] Infinispan URL format

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Tue Jun 7 09:55:04 EDT 2016

On Wed 2016-06-01  9:31, Scott Marlow wrote:
> > The [cachemanager] part is for multi-tenant servers (Hot Rod doesn't
> > currently support this, so this is forward-looking).
> > Obviously we will support all of the HotRod properties for specifying
> > things like security, etc.
> Once you are connected to a remote (Infinispan) database, does the 
> application simply use the java.util.Map api to put/get any application 
> get values?  Or are puts not allowed to use application classes?  I'm 
> trying to better understand how the marshaling works, since the remote 
> Infinispan database probably wouldn't have access to the application 
> classloader (unless it does, which I'd like to also understand).

Scott, the application receives Infinspan's CacheManager and/or Cache
APIs just like in the Mongo case, one receives the Mongo specific
As far as the objects you can put in the cache: the ideal situation is
that you use a protobuf schema and the client side will marshall things
as protobuf and send these protobuf structure to the server. The server
then does not need to have the client classes in its classpath.

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