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I am trying to fully understand your goals here - please correct me if I am wrong.
Your process is started by a user (either regular one or admin) - user type does not matter at this step - correct?
Next it goes to a human task where the main function is dedicated to a user (regular)  that should enter some data and move the process flow further or cancel the process instance. Here is a first question - to whom the task is assigned at this point?
Administrator can reassign that task or cancel it as well. Reassign is a normal administration functionality that should not be modeled as part of a process (in my opinion).
So this is how I would see it:
- create a task that is assigned to a candidate group (as Derek suggested), group members will be normal user and admin.
- task will have following funtionalities: 1. provide information and move further or 2. cancel
- this means that task will have two outgoing transitions - one for moving forward and one for cancellation
- if cancellation was chosen and cancellation was made by regular user than it will go to another task (assigned to admin) for confirmation - this check probably will require decision point
So your task form will be unified for both users since you could treat reassigning as administration activity and not task functionality.
Tell me what you think about it.


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