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> I'm need to determine that given subdeployments is not needed for deployment at all. In JBoss4 I'm just remove such subdeployments from DeploymentInfo.subDeployments and all goes OK.
> Example deployment structure:
> * some-service.myDeployerExt* sub-last.jar 
> * sub-only-need-in-special-case.jar
> * sub-second.jar
> * sub-first.jar
> And I'm need this subdeployments to start in the right order, but sub-only-need-in-special-case.jar is not need to be started at all:
> 1. sub-first.jar
> 2. sub-second.jar
> 3. sub-last.jar
> Sorting problem I had already solved (thanks a lot!) but how can I exclude subdeployments from the deployment process at all? I see that task intended to the StructureDeployer, but can't get a right way...  :( 
Simply use jboss-structure.xml, where you explicitly define (sub)deployments.

Or you could add a new StructureDeployer, which would still recognize this sub-deployment,
but would mostly make it a no-op; e.g. no classpath, meta locations, ...

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