[keycloak-dev] new <kc-provider-config> directive

Marek Posolda mposolda at redhat.com
Sat Jul 11 17:34:47 EDT 2015

Great, I've refactored federation mappers to use this directive as well 
and added ClientList type to the directive. ClientList is just combobox 
containing list of the clients and allow to select one of them. It's 
used actually by Role LDAP mapper.

Not sure if it should be renamed to 'Client' instead of 'ClientList' ? 
Or do you mean something different by the type 'Client' ?


On 9.7.2015 01:22, Bill Burke wrote:
> I added a new <kc-provider-confg> directive that can be driven by
> Identity Mapper config types, Protocol Maper config types, and
> Authenticator config types.  Those forms now use this directive.
> As part of this directive, I improved on role input.  There is a new
> "Role" property type.  If you specify that in your property description,
> a "Select Role" button appear next to the role input text box.  If you
> click that you get a dialog to select a role.
> We can expand on the <kc-provider-config> directive in the future to add
> types like 'Client', 'Certificate', 'User', etc...

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