[keycloak-user] Action token implementation extensions??

Craig Setera craig at baseventure.com
Fri Feb 1 17:36:36 EST 2019

In addition to my question yesterday about REST endpoint extensions, I now
have a new issue.  Basically, my hope/plan was to create a REST endpoint
and use that to retrieve a new type of action token that I was
implementing.  I was able to create a new REST endpoint and validate that
the incoming user has the authority we want to require to initiate the new

Now, I'm trying to create the new action token to be returned.  I've
implemented all of the necessary interfaces.  However, it is failing to
deploy properly because all of the required classes are part of the
keycloak-services module which appears to not be accessible.  Am I missing
something here?  How can I create a new action token implementation and get
it properly deployed and working?


*Craig Setera*

*Chief Technology Officer*

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