[seam-dev] Re: [Seam Dev] Re: EJB3/JNDI bindings/ordering

Carlo de Wolf cdewolf at redhat.com
Mon Mar 31 03:46:20 EDT 2008

Pete Muir wrote:
> I fought quite extensively over this and I'm not really prepared to 
> spend (waste) any more time on it.
> TBH, I'm not even sure that anyone from EJB3/AS/MC actually gets what 
> this feature actually is and why it is important *. The main discussion 
> the EJB3/AS/MC guys wanted to have seemed to be over who was to "blame" 
> for Seam apps not running on AS5, a discussion which I have absolutely 
> no interest in pursuing *.

I think we get the feature and know why we all want it. I keep running 
into similar issues myself 

But currently we're at a stalemate here and I'm out of moves.

> In fact, this whole discussion (and other similar ones) left me pretty 
> sour in the mouth. The general impression I got was that Seam as a 
> vehicle for pushing EJB3 wasn't interesting for the EJB3 guys, from 
> which I formed the conclusion that we would probably be better off 
> concentrating on the Seam JavaBean component model.
> And so, if anyone else wants to pick up the AS5 integration work/liaison 
> from me, please do!
> * There are a couple of exceptions to this of course
> On 29 Mar 2008, at 14:25, Gavin King wrote:
>> Agreed, we definitely can't say that Seam supports JBoss5 until this
>> feature is back in.

You got my vote.

>> One of the critical selling features of Seam is that no XML is
>> required to declare a component.
>> Anyway, this feature will be in the next rev of EJB.

Either you mean JavaEE or I missed something. I don't see it in the 
latest EJB3.1 draft, maybe it should be raised?


>> On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 10:04 PM, Dan Allen <dan.j.allen at gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>>>>   From an interop perspective this feature is a good seperator with
>>>>  other containers, especially for beginers.
>>>>  Not worrying about populating web.XML makes learning and getting
>>>>  started easier.
>>>>  My $0.02
>>>>  Jay
>>>  I'm a little late to the game with this response, but I want to point
>>>  out that a number of Seam/JBoss developers cited this feature while
>>>  bragging about why JBoss AS is better than alternative application
>>>  servers. By taking the feature away, it results mouths stuffed with
>>>  feet. Besides, "configuration by exception" is the very saving grace
>>>  of the platform and this is a prime candidate for such a pattern.
>>>  My dime. Sent from a computer I don't own.
>>>  -Dan
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