[seam-dev] [weld-dev] Mercurial vs GIT

Boscarine, Steven Steven.Boscarine at childrens.harvard.edu
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+1 vote for Git  
I've seen a lot of Git momentum locally.

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While both hg and Git provide pretty the same functionality, there is a huge difference in the supported tooling set.

.) maven will (most probably) move to Git. Most of maven folks already use Git internally.
.) there is a native Java Git client called JGit. There will be a jgit provider for maven in the not too distant future. Thus we don't need to care about OS issues!
.) hg is written in Python. Windows users will need to install Python. For git you don't have to install anything. The JGit jar will simply be a dependency of maven-scm.
.) There are native plugins for Eclipse (written by Shawn Spearce), NetBeans (written by Jonas Fonesca) and Idea (provided by Intellij).

And the main reason for my personally: Im an old bearded Unix guy :)

Btw, there is also a migration scenario from SVN to Git. It is even possible to let Git play being a SVN server, so you can access a Git repo with a SVN client.


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