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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
Aaa [no description available]
Aerogear-announce [no description available]
aerogear-dev AeroGear Developer Mailing List
aerogear-issues aerogear-issues List
Aerogear-users [no description available]
ajax4jsf-svn-commits ajax4jsf-svn -Commits List
Apicurio [no description available]
arquillian-issues arquillian-issues List
Bbb [no description available]
beanvalidation-dev beanvalidation-dev List
boston Boston JBoss User Group
builds JBoss Builds List
Ccc [no description available]
cdi-dev CDI Development List
cdi-feedback cdi-feedback List
cdi-tck [no description available]
community-announce Community -Announce List
Ddd [no description available]
Diplomky [no description available]
dtf-announce dtf -Announce List
dtf-commits dtf -Commits List
dtf-dev dtf -Dev List
dtf-issues dtf -Issues List
dtf-users dtf -Users List
embjopr-commits embjopr -Commits List
embjopr-dev embjopr -Dev List
embjopr-issues embjopr -Issues List
Errai [no description available]
Errai-announce [no description available]
errai-commits errai-commits List
errai-dev errai-dev List
errai-issues errai-issues List
errai-users errai-users List
esb-announce esb -Announce List
esb-commits esb -Commits List
esb-dev esb -Dev List
esb-issues esb -Issues List
esb-users esb -Users List
exo-jcr-commits exo-jcr-commits List
forge-commits forge-commits List
forge-dev forge-dev List
forge-issues forge-issues List
forge-users forge-users List
gatein-builds gatein-builds List
gatein-commits gatein-commits List
gatein-dev gatein-dev List
gatein-issues gatein-issues List
gatein-pull-requests gatein-pull-requests List
gsoc gsoc List
gsoc_test gsoc_test List
guvnor-dev Guvnor -Dev List
guvnorsoa-dev guvnorsoa-dev List
hal-release-stream Coordinates the HAL Release Stream
hawkular-commits Commit messages from the Hawkular projects
hawkular-dev Discussions around Hawkular development
hibernate-announce Hibernate Announce List
hibernate-commits Hibernate Commits List
hibernate-dev Hibernate Dev List
hibernate-issues Hibernate Issues List
hibernate-users Hibernate Users List
hornetq-commits hornetq-commits List
hornetq-dev hornetq -Dev List
hornetq-users hornetq -Users List
Infinispan-ci [no description available]
infinispan-dev infinispan -Dev List
infinispan-issues infinispan -Issues List
jbdevstudio-users jbdevstudio-users List
Jberet-dev [no description available]
jboss-as7-dev jboss-as7-dev List
jboss-cluster-dev JBoss-Cluster -Dev List
jboss-dev-forums Developer Forums discussion archive
jboss-development development list
jboss-envers-commits jboss-envers -Commits List
jboss-identity-commits jboss-identity -Commits List
jboss-identity-issues jboss-identity -Issues List
jboss-jira JBoss JIRA notifications
jboss-l10n jboss-l10n List
jboss-maven2-commits jboss-maven2-commits List
jboss-osgi-announce jboss-osgi -Announce List
jboss-osgi-commits jboss-osgi -Commits List
jboss-osgi-dev jboss-osgi -Dev List
jboss-osgi-issues jboss-osgi -Issues List
jboss-osgi-users jboss-osgi -Users List
jboss-remoting-commits jboss-remoting -Commits List
jboss-remoting-issues JBoss-Remoting -Issues List
jboss-security-discuss jboss-security -Discuss List
jboss-security-notifications jboss-security -Notifications List
jboss-user The JBoss User main mailing list
jbosscache-announce JBoss Cache Announcement List
jbosscache-commits JBoss Cache Commits List
jbosscache-dev JBoss Cache Development List
jbosscache-issues JBoss Cache Issues List
jbosscache-users JBoss Cache Users List
jbossdeveloper jbossdeveloper List
jbossnative-commits JBossNative -Commits List
jbossreflex-commits JBossReflex -Commits List
jbosstools-announce JBoss Tools Announcement List
jbosstools-builds jbosstools -Builds List
jbosstools-cat JBoss Tools Community Acceptance Testers List
jbosstools-commits JBoss Tools Commits List
jbosstools-dev JBoss Tools Development List
jbosstools-fuse-dev JBoss Fuse Eclipse Tooling related discussions
jbosstools-issues JBoss Tools Issues List
jbossts-announce JBossTS -Announce List
jbossts-commits JBossTS -Commits List
jbossts-dev JBossTS -Dev List
jbossts-issues JBossTS -Issues List
jbossts-users JBossTS -Users List
jbossweb-commits JBossWeb -Commits List
Jbossws [no description available]
jbossws-announce JBoss Web Services Announcement List
jbossws-commits JBoss Web Services Commits List
jbossws-cxf-users JBoss-CXF -Users List
jbossws-dev JBoss Web Services Development List
jbossws-issues JBoss Web Services Issues List
jbossws-metro-users JBossWS-Metro-Users List
jbossws-users JBoss Web Services Users List
jbpm-announce jbpm -Announce List
jbpm-commits Commits to jBPM version control system
jbpm-dev jbpm -Dev List
jbpm-issues jbpm -Issues List
jbpm-users jBPM users list
Jbug-leaders [no description available]
jbug-leads A public list for JBoss User Group Leads across the globe to communicate with one another about their events, sessions and coordination.
jbug-members A public list for JBoss User Group members across the globe to communicate with one another about all things JBoss.
jdcom-announce jdcom -Announce List
jdcom-commits jdcom -Commits List
jdcom-dev jdcom -Dev List
jdcom-issues jdcom -Issues List
jdcom-users jdcom -Users List
jdf-dev jdf-dev List
Jdf-issues [no description available]
jdf-users jdf-users List
jopr-dev jopr -Dev List
jopr-issues jopr -Issues List
jsfunit-dev JSFUnit -Dev List
jsr-314-open-mirror Red Hat mirror of JSR-314-OPEN
log2log-announce log2log -Announce List
log2log-commits log2log -Commits List
log2log-dev log2log -Dev List
log2log-users log2log -Users List
Mailman [no description available]
messaging-commits Messaging -Commits List
migration migration List
mod_cluster-dev mod_cluster -Dev List
mod_cluster-issues mod_cluster -Issues List
overlord-commits overlord -Commits List
overlord-issues overlord -Issues List
picketlink picketlink List
picketlink-commits picketlink-commits List
picketlink-issues picketlink-issues List
portal-commits SVN Commits for Portal Project
portletbridge-builds portletbridge-builds List
portletbridge-dev portletbridge-dev List
resteasy RestEASY User List
resteasy-commits RestEASY Commits List
resteasy-dev RestEASY Development List
rhmessaging-commits rhmessaging -Commits List
rhmessaging-dev rhmessaging -Dev List
richfaces-builds richfaces-builds List
richfaces-dev RichFaces dev list
richfaces-issues richfaces -Issues List
richfaces-planning-issues richfaces-planning-issues List
richfaces-svn-commits richfaces-svn -Commits List
rules-announce Rules Announce List
rules-commits Rules Commits List
rules-dev Rules Dev List
rules-issues Rules Issues List
rules-users Rules Users List
savara-commits savara-commits List
sbs-test1 sbs-test1 List
sbs-test2 sbs-test2 List
seam-commits Seam Commit Notification List
seam-dev Seam development discussion list
seam-forums Seam forums notification list
seam-issues Seam JIRA Issue Notification List
searchisko-dev searchisko-dev List
security-dev security-dev List
shrinkwrap-issues shrinkwrap-issues List
soa-announce soa -Announce List
switchyard-dev switchyard-dev List
switchyard-issues switchyard-issues List
switchyard-users switchyard-users List
teiid-announce teiid -Announce List
teiid-commits teiid -Commits List
teiid-designer-announce teiid-designer -Announce List
teiid-designer-commits teiid-designer -Commits List
teiid-designer-dev teiid-designer -Dev List
teiid-designer-issues teiid-designer -Issues List
teiid-designer-users teiid-designer -Users List
teiid-dev teiid -Dev List
teiid-issues teiid -Issues List
teiid-users teiid -Users List
Test-keith5 Test list - delete me
tohu-users tohu-users List
uberfire-dev uberfire-dev List
uberfire-users uberfire-users List
undertow-dev undertow-dev List
weld-builds [no description available]
weld-commits Weld Commit Notification List
weld-dev Weld Development Discussion List
weld-issues Weld JIRA Issue Notification List
wildfly-dev wildfly-dev List
Windup-commits [no description available]
windup-dev Windup-dev List
Windup-users Windup general usage discussion
wise-announce wise -Announce List
wise-commits wise -Commits List
wise-dev wise -Dev List
wise-issues wise -Issues List
wise-users wise -Users List

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